Recipe: Appetizing Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice

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Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice. Flavorful chicken, fragrant yellow rice and crispy toasted bread are combined in this traditional Middle Eastern reicpe. An amazing flavorful chicken shawarma bowl, Fatteh style featuring chicken, rice Crunchy, filling and topped with easy white shawarma sauce. If chicken was baked, you may slice it thinly and sauté the slices a warm pan with coconut oil or olive oil to get some crispy edges.

Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice Just a handful of every day spices makes an incredible Chicken Shawarma marinade that infuses the chicken with exotic Middle Eastern flavours. The smell when this is cooking is insane! A simple chicken shawarma recipe with tender, smokey chicken and a garlic yogurt sauce served over crisp veggies and pita bread. You can cook Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice using 24 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice

  1. You need of Chicken Thighs *bone in, skin on preferred.
  2. It’s of Olive Oil.
  3. Prepare of Minced Garlic.
  4. You need of Lemon Juice.
  5. Prepare of Cumin Powder.
  6. Prepare of Garlic Powder.
  7. You need of Coriander Powder.
  8. Prepare of Oregano.
  9. You need of Black Pepper.
  10. You need of Salt.
  11. You need of Cayenne.
  12. It’s of Paprika.
  13. It’s of Plain Yogurt.
  14. You need of Mayonnaise.
  15. Prepare of White Vinegar.
  16. Prepare of White Sugar.
  17. Prepare of Parsley Flakes.
  18. It’s of Water.
  19. It’s of Jasmine Rice.
  20. Prepare of Butter.
  21. Prepare of Turmeric.
  22. It’s of Adobo Seasoning.
  23. It’s of Chicken Stock.
  24. You need of Sriracha.

Shawarma (also spelled shaurma, shoarma, shwarma, and shawirma) is a Middle Eastern dish made by roasting a cone of meat on a vertical spit. Chicken Shawarma from is served with a delightful garlic yogurt sauce. Shawarma refers to the Middle Eastern method cooking where thin slices of meat, most traditionally lamb, are stack on a vertical spit and slowly rotate in front of a fire or other heat source. Homemade Chicken Shawarma With Ben Stiller And Ahmed Badr.

Chicken Shawarma w/ White Sauce and Fluffy Yellow Rice step by step

  1. Marinate the Chicken Thighs for 2-24 hours -1 tbsp olive oil -1 tbsp minced garlic -1 tbsp cumin powder -1 tbsp of paprika -1/2 tbsp black pepper -1/2 tbsp of salt -1/2 tbsp of coriander -1/2 tbsp of cayenne -1/2 tbsp of lemon juice -1/2 tbsp of garlic powder -1/2 tbsp of oregano.
  2. For the White Sauce add the following ingredients in a bowl and mix together: -4 tsbp of Mayo -2 tbsp of Plain Yogurt -1 tbsp of Water -1/2 tsp of salt -1/2 tsp of black pepper -1/2 tsp of sugar -1/2 tsp of white vinegar -1/2 tsp of lemon juice -1/2 tsp of parsley flakes.
  3. For the Fluffy Yellow Rice: -melt a tbsp of butter in the pot -add 2 cup rice -add tsp of cumin, turmeric, adobo seasoning, paprika -add 1/2 tsp cayenne toast rice with butter and seasonings for 2 minutes -add 2 cups chicken stock/1 cups water bring to a boil. Once boiling turn down to simmer, cover and let cook for 12 minutes..
  4. Preheat Oven to 350 F/ 175 C.
  5. Once the chicken thighs have finished marinating, fire up the grill, cast iron or just a pan on the stove. The aim is to sear/char both sides of the chicken to seal all the flavors inside the chicken. Aim for an internal temperature of around 170 F/ 76 C. After giving both side a nice sear you can place the chicken in the over for 10-15 minutes checking the internal temperature of the chicken until it is at your desired temperature..
  6. Cut up chicken, put on top of a bed of rice, drizzle the white sauce and some sriracha, add a side salad and ENJOY!.

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that's become a popular street food around the world Bake the chicken in the oven, then toss it into pita bread with cucumber, tomatoes, pickles, and a homemade white sauce made with Greek yogurt. These chickpea shawarma bowls feature fluffy rice, fresh veggies, seasoned chickpeas, and a tasty tahini sauce. Feel free to use fluffy quinoa in place of the rice or serve your chickpeas, sauce and veggies over a bed of leafy greens in place of grains. Simple and easy to make oven roasted shawarma chicken is great in sandwiches, rice bowls, or salad. Shawarma are the Middle Eastern equivalent of burgers and.


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